Reset Method

Reset is a method based on talking, physical treatments and exercises. It brings us back into our body and leads us out of our mind. By doing this, the mind is stimulated to let go and “reset” old assumptions, visions and fears.

Almost everyone creates a reality based on (unconscious) fears. Such as fear of shortages, failure, loss etc.

By calming down the physical and mental body , you get space to change (dysfunctional) behavior.
You are able to define a new reality for yourself, optimize your daily activities and further develop your talents.

You learn to accept life as it comes and experience more freedom, quietness, space, flexibility and humanity.

It gives freedom of choice….

The Reset Method has been developed by Israeli therapist Erel Yedidia.

He combined various techniques he has studied and experienced

Lot Knoppers followed 4 years of training with Erel Yedidia, and has over the years, based on her (life) experiences, developed the Reset method further.


Methode Reset