Lot Knoppers

Lot Knoppers worked for 15 years as an actress and a theatre maker. During that period she developed motivational trainings for businesses, and guided people in facing changes in their work/life.

After a personal crisis and an intensive awareness process, her work developed more and more by inspiring people to get the best out of themselves and developing their talents and potential.

She has worked as a coach for several organizations, and besides that she started her own coaching practice close to the Vondelpark in Amsterdam.

Currently her work consists of coaching people who get stuck in their lives on a social, emotional, psychological , relational or work level and want to deepen their awareness.

In addition, she advises and supports (corporate) organizations in their vision development and understands and develops their attitudes towards complex issues in these challenging and rapidly changing times.

The Method Reset is the basis of her work.

Lot Knoppers